Tragic Accident: Indian Student Jaahnavi Kandula Fatally Struck by Police Vehicle in Missouri, Sparking Outcry

On September 14, 2023, 22-year-old Indian student Jaahnavi Kandula lost her life after being struck by a police vehicle in Columbia, Missouri. The incident has triggered outrage in both India and the United States, with demands for a thorough investigation and calls for police reform echoing on social media and in protests. Body: In a … Read more

Pakistan Islamist Mobs Torch Churches in Faisalabad Following Blasphemy Accusation Against Christian Man

A wave of violence swept through Faisalabad, Pakistan, as enraged Islamist mobs set fire to multiple churches after a Christian man, Nadeem Masih, was accused of blasphemy. The incident highlights the ongoing dangers faced by religious minorities in the country and underscores the urgent need for international intervention to protect their rights and freedom to … Read more

Economic Concerns Loom as Recession Shadows Over the United States in 2023

As the United States grapples with a complex web of economic challenges, concerns of a recession are growing more pronounced, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the nation’s financial landscape. The confluence of global factors, supply chain disruptions, and domestic policy decisions have created a volatile environment, sparking discussions among experts and policymakers alike. Economic … Read more