Key Figure in Fake Call Centre Scam, Wanted by ED, CID, and Kolkata Police, Apprehended

The mastermind behind a fraudulent call centre operation, who was pursued by the Enforcement Directorate (ED), the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Kolkata Police, and the Bidhannagar Police, has been apprehended. Kunal Gupta, the accused, was taken into custody by the CID from the vicinity of the CGO Complex in Salt Lake. His arrest marks a significant advancement in the probe into the spurious call centre racket, aimed at deceiving individuals by masquerading as a government agency and extracting money for fictitious services.

Kunal Gupta Fake Call Centre

The saga of the counterfeit call centre racket has taken a compelling turn with the arrest of its kingpin, Kunal Gupta. This accused individual was not only pursued by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) but was also on the radar of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Kolkata Police and the Bidhannagar Police. Gupta’s capture, executed by the CID, transpired near the CGO Complex in Salt Lake on a Saturday. Following his arrest, Gupta was presented before a court and subsequently granted six days of CID custody.

  • The Web of Deception Unveiled: Gupta, the central figure in this intricate web of deceit, allegedly orchestrated a sham call centre operation ensconced within a rented office space in Salt Lake. The call centre, adopting the fa├žade of a legitimate government agency, duped unsuspecting individuals into parting with their money under the guise of non-existent services.
  • Multiple Agencies on the Trail: The tentacles of this intricate scheme reached far and wide, with not just the CID but also the ED and the Bidhannagar Police investigating Gupta’s activities. A lookout notice issued by the ED underscored his involvement in a money laundering case. Meanwhile, the CID launched a parallel inquiry and conducted a raid at the call centre premises back in May. The Bidhannagar Police, not to be left behind, registered a case against Gupta and his associates, forming a united front against this widespread fraud.
  • The Unmasking of a Fraudulent Empire: The arrest of Gupta has delivered a substantial breakthrough in untangling the threads of the fake call centre racket. The law enforcement agencies are now on the trail of Gupta’s associates, aiming to recover the ill-gotten gains acquired through deception.
  • A Prolonged Operation of Deception: According to a statement by the CID, Gupta has been at the helm of this spurious call centre operation for a span of two years. During this period, he assembled a team of individuals who operated within the call centre’s confines. These agents would skillfully impersonate government officials, exploiting this ruse to persuade unsuspecting victims to part with their money under the pretext of non-existent services.
  • A Global Swindle: The reach of Gupta’s fraudulent activities extended across international borders, victimizing individuals from around the world. This extensive network managed to amass substantial sums, amounting to crores of rupees. Gupta utilized this ill-gotten wealth to indulge in opulent acquisitions, including luxury cars and valuable properties.
  • Ongoing Investigations and Anticipated Progress: The CID has affirmed that the investigation into this convoluted case continues, signaling the possibility of additional arrests on the horizon. As the web of deceit unravels, it is expected that more individuals implicated in this fraudulent enterprise will be brought to justice.

Gupta’s apprehension serves as a significant triumph for the various law enforcement agencies involved. This decisive action communicates a resounding message that crimes of this nature will be met with unwavering resolve, and those responsible will be held accountable for their actions. This development underscores the steadfast commitment of these agencies to upholding the rule of law and ensuring justice prevails.

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