Prime Minister Unveils ₹13,000-Crore PM Vishwakarma Scheme to Empower Traditional Artisans

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has introduced the ₹13,000-crore PM Vishwakarma scheme, aimed at bolstering traditional artisans and craftsmen. This initiative seeks to enhance their product quality, accessibility, and integration into global value chains.

Prime Minister Unveils ₹13,000-Crore PM Vishwakarma Scheme

In a significant move to empower traditional artisans and craftsmen, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the ₹13,000-crore PM Vishwakarma scheme on Saturday. This visionary initiative, which was initially announced during the Prime Minister’s Independence Day address, is designed to uplift the traditional crafts sector by improving the quality and availability of their products and services while connecting them to both domestic and international markets.

Key components of the PM Vishwakarma scheme include:

  1. Free Registration: Traditional artisans and craftsmen can register for free through Common Services Centres using the biometric-based PM Vishwakarma portal.
  2. Recognition and ID Card: Registered individuals will receive a PM Vishwakarma certificate and ID card.
  3. Skill Upgradation: The scheme provides comprehensive skill upgradation training, covering both basic and advanced skills.
  4. Toolkit Incentive: Artisans and craftsmen will benefit from a toolkit incentive of ₹15,000.
  5. Collateral-Free Credit Support: Eligible artisans and craftsmen can access collateral-free credit support, with ₹1 lakh in the first tranche and ₹2 lakh in the second tranche at a concessional interest rate of 5%.
  6. Incentives for Digital Transactions: The scheme encourages digital transactions among artisans and craftsmen by providing incentives.
  7. Marketing Support: Assistance is offered to promote the marketing efforts of artisans and craftsmen, facilitating the sale of their products and services.

The PM Vishwakarma scheme aims to benefit approximately 30 lakh families of traditional artisans and craftsmen over a five-year period.

Speaking at the launch event, Prime Minister Modi emphasized that this scheme is a tribute to Lord Vishwakarma, the revered divine architect and craftsman. He highlighted that it will play a crucial role in preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of traditional artisans and craftsmen. Furthermore, Prime Minister Modi stressed that the scheme will generate new employment opportunities within the traditional handicrafts sector, underscoring the government’s commitment to supporting its development and ensuring that these artisans receive the recognition and respect they deserve.

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